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In recent years, the freelancing industry has grown significantly. According to a report, over 65% of job holders expressed a desire to work full-time as remote employees. Projections indicate that the global gig economy will surpass $450 billion in 2023, while the freelancing industry is expected to exceed $12 billion by 2028. This presents a significant opportunity for businesses to expand their freelance network and establish strong industry relationships. Due to flexible and cost-effective solutions, 70% of small businesses worldwide hire freelancers for daily operations. For skilled professionals, freelancing is a popular career option, with countries like the United States, Pakistan, and India leading the way in terms of the fastest-growing earnings for freelancers.

Let's Talk some Statistics, World Bank data shows that 46.4% of all workers worldwide are self-employed.

The total number of freelancers globally is estimated to be 1.57 billion people out of a total global workforce of 3.38 billion.

Due to the rise in adoption of remote teams, freelancing is providing a viable career path for skilled professionals in regions where domestic opportunities are low. Pakistan, Ukraine, Philippines, India, & Bangladesh rank in the Top 10 countries with the fastest-growing earnings for freelancers.

While the web3 market was valued at $6 billion in 2021, it is expected to grow to nearly $64 billion by 2029. The e-learning and freelancing sectors will be major drivers of market growth due to the scope of web3 technology. With web3, there will be a high level of collaboration between customers, clients, and blockchain technology due to the

  1. User centric approach

  2. Data ownership

  3. AI decentralized ecosystem, and other factors.

Freelancing ecosystem on web3 will alter the perception of the work in future by delivering a backend innovation.

Metamet believes that these emerging market trends, problems, and available technologies have created ideal circumstances to create a new type of global community based on decentralization, equal opportunities for all members, and a shared economy that is fair for everyone. Join us today and become part of the MetaMet community that aims to change the rules of the game.

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