The project roadmap outlines the key milestones and objectives for the Metamet platform. It will serve as a guide to keep the development team and community focused on the goals and tasks needed to achieve a successful launch and ongoing growth. The roadmap will be regularly updated as progress is made, and new goals are set.

Q3 2023: Platform Launch Preparation

Q4 2023: Iterative Improvement and Crowdfunding Launch

Q1 2024: Platform Launch and Product Release

Q2 2024: Innovative Features and Program Launch

Q3 2024: Game Mechanics and Product Expansion

Q4 2024: Mobile app Launch and Platform Enhancement

Q1 2025: Growth and Expansion

Q2 2025: Building for the future

Q3 2025: Empowering Users

Q4 2025: Continued Improvement

Q1 2026: Philanthropic Expansion

+Q2 2026: To be announced.

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