🔁Token Circulation Model

The circulation model of Metamet incorporates a comprehensive token and project business model to ensure the stability, utility, and growth of the MTM token within the Metamet ecosystem.

Token Circulation Model

  1. Token Generation: The total supply of MTM tokens will be fixed at 3 billion tokens, with no additional tokens to be minted in the future. The tokens will be generated through an initial token offering (ITO), providing early investors and contributors with their allocations. A portion of the tokens will also be allocated to the Metamet Foundation to fund ongoing development and future operations.

  2. Token Utility: The MTM token serves as the primary utility token within the Metamet ecosystem, providing users with access to various platform features and incentivizing participation. Users can utilize MTM tokens to pay for transaction fees, access premium content, unlock advanced functionalities, and participate in platform governance, among other use cases.

  3. Token Distribution: The distribution of MTM tokens occurs through various channels, including the initial token offering (ITO), community airdrops, and strategic partnerships with other blockchain projects. Additionally, tokens will be reserved for future distribution to users who contribute to the growth and development of the Metamet ecosystem, fostering community engagement and rewarding active participants.

  4. Token Trading: MTM tokens will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, providing users with the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade the tokens freely. This listing on reputable exchanges enhances token liquidity, widens its market reach, and enables seamless access for users worldwide.

  5. Token Burn: To maintain a sustainable token economy and increase the value of the remaining tokens, a portion of the transaction fees collected on the Metamet platform will be periodically burned. This process reduces the total supply of MTM tokens, creating scarcity and incentivizing adoption, while rewarding token holders by increasing the value of their holdings.

  6. Token Staking: Users will have the ability to stake their MTM tokens within the ecosystem to participate in platform governance and earn rewards. Staking involves locking up tokens for a predetermined period, encouraging long-term token holding and reducing the circulating supply. This mechanism strengthens the stability and security of the token economy while providing incentives for active community participation.

The Token Circulation Model outlined above aims to drive the adoption, expansion, and sustainability of the Metamet ecosystem. By establishing utility, ensuring token liquidity, and incentivizing engagement, the model creates value for token holders, promotes platform growth, and facilitates the realization of Metamet's vision.

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