Token Allocation / Distribution

The MetaMet Token ($MTM) distribution and allocation have been carefully designed to align with the long-term vision of the MetaMet platform. The total supply of $MTM tokens is fixed at 3,000,000,000 (3 billion), with no inflationary capabilities, ensuring that the total supply will never increase.

The majority of the MetaMet allocation is intended to go back to the community, including a 3 million MTM allocation to be awarded evenly as airdrop and trading competition - right after the Public Sale.

The token allocation of MTM is as follows:



Strategic Round

Private Sale

Strategic round at a special discounted price for lead investors and partners,

including experienced Venture Capitalists, crypto exchanges, and market makers.

Private round to onboard further strategic investors and VCs to the MetaMet ecosystem.

Public Sale

Community Pre-Sale: $0.11

● 7.5 million token available for our loyal community at advantageous entry levels,

with no lockup and a 3-month linear release.

Option I: $0.15

● a lower price to the Public Sale Option II, with a short 6-month lockup and 6-

month linear release vesting period.

Option II: $0.30

● a slightly higher price compared to Option I, but with no lockup or vesting

schedule. This is the initial circulating supply of the MTM Token.


Tokens distributed between the core team.


Tokens distributed between advisors.


Inventory for our market makers to provide liquidity on exchanges.

Ecosystem Fund

This allocation includes the Community Rewards Fund and Treasury:

tokens set aside to create grants for onboarding new projects, provisions for our token staking rewards, and funds to invest back into the ecosystem and community.

The MetaMet Foundation oversees the distribution of these funds, considering the community voice.

Token Distribution and Release

Certain token allocation categories have lockup and monthly release periods in place to control the flow of tokens into the free-floating supply and ensure a healthy market. The team, advisors, and strategic/private sale investors have longer lockup and release periods, demonstrating their long-term vision and commitment to the project.

Token Public Sale

The MTM Token Public Sale will have a total of 300 million MTM tokens available for sale, with three purchasing options:

(i) Community Pre-Sale: $0.11 per token, with 3 Month lockup and 9-month linear release.

(ii) Public Sale Option I: $0.15 per token, with a 3-month lockup and 6-month linear release.

(iii) Public Sale Option II: $0.30 per token, with no lockup and 6-month linear release.


Lockups for all token allocations will begin simultaneously at the time of the Token Distribution Event (TDE) - i.e., when the initial circulating supply is sent out to the Public Sale (Option II) participants. This will be shortly after the Public Sale is concluded.

Release periods

Linear release means holders will receive their token allocation in equal portions for each month of the release period, once any lockup periods are complete - e.g., once 3 months have passed since the TDE, Public Sale Option I participants will receive 1/6th of their total token allocation each month for 6 months.

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